Complete Embroidery Digitizing Services

Our embroidery digitizing services are unmatched! Our team of experienced executives makes sure that each and every design is precise.

Why Choose 6T6 Digitizing?

We Have an Innovative Team

Our team’s efforts and its fine goods captivate the customers with outstanding elements at an affordable price. Moreover, as the process of digital embroidery is automated and consistent it consumes lesser time than the traditional embroidery to work on bulky orders.

Our Customers are Our #1 Priority

The utmost priority for 6T6 Digitizing is to give its best to the clients and the consumers. For this, the Company not only ensures high-quality products but also ensures the best means for communication, dealings, and professional customer services in a secure way.

We Carry Out Complete Planning

The initial stage of the project begins with a brief discussion between the client and the experts regarding their project. The mixture of ideas, advice, and experience finally builts-up an embroidered digital image.

Innovative Procedures

With this, the first stage ends and the projects move towards the second stage where the image is run through software converting it into a digital form and hence further proceeding it towards the computer-aided machines which structure the image into desired products.